Sew, I’ve taken up embroidery.

I get bored a lot. Well, during the winter I got bored a lot. Now that it’s warm out I have less time to be bored. Anyway, I was looking for a hobby that I could do while watching Netflix or listening to podcasts. I tried my hand at sewing but after making two lopsided pillows that I couldn’t figure out how to close I moved on to the next thing I could do with all the needles and thread I invested in. The early projects were a bit… well, see for yourself:

11.24.16 057

12.26.16 018
I was still trying to make pillows happen

But, I eventually started to get a little better. I made this whale for a friend’s birthday:


and I made this t-shirt for another friend’s birthday: 4.26.17 005.JPG

They still aren’t the best, but I’m pretty proud. Now I just need to figure out how to color something in without it looking terrible. Any requests for Christmas presents?


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