Penis Park Misadventure

Obviously when we heard about a park full of penises in Korea we knew we had to go. Were we a little deterred by the 8+ hour travel time it would take to get there? Sure, but we persevered.

We left for Seoul at 9 pm. When we arrived at 1am we set off to find the nearest jimjilbang to sleep in (more on that in another post). As the person with the internal alarm clock that doesn’t let me sleep past 7:30, I was in charge of waking everybody up.

At 7:10 I woke up and got ready, then woke the others and left to go get breakfast. An hour and a half later they all joined me. We were supposed to pick up the rental car at 9 but it looked like we would be a little late. Two of our group headed off to get the car and the rest of us waited with their bags. 

Two hours later we finally decided to walk and meet the car where they were because there was a marathon happening and they were stuck in stop and go traffic. Finally we are in the car heading out of Seoul by 11. Our GPS had an ETA of 4:35. The drive was only supposed to take four hours but we had failed to take into account that it was a holiday weekend and people were headed out of Seoul en masse. The park didn’t stop selling tickets until 5:30 though. We could still probably make it.

Unfortunately, by one the hunger pains started to set in for us all. Would it really be so bad if we stopped for just 15 minutes, grabbed a quick bite and used the restroom? According to the GPS that should be okay. So, we pulled into a rest area and took care of business as quickly as we could.

Once we were back on the road the new ETA was 5:25. And then 5:40. And then 5:50. We called the park to see if they would let us buy tickets still if we showed up a little late but they were not having it. We debated for a little while if we wanted to risk it or not and eventually ended up turning the car around. We headed back to Seoul, stopped at a park on the outskirts that had a $20 entrance fee and was not worth it, and nary a penis was seen.

I feel like this story is some sort of metaphor for my life.


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